Why have I created an overflow site

There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. This site is getting rather large and there a few things in the pipeline where I might want to slim things out a bit.
  2. There are a number Of “Special Purpose Vehicle” blogs on this site which are no longer a good fit.
  3. This site is nearly five years old and has amassed over 3000 items of individual content.
  4. I have a large volume of web based back content, some of it over 20 years old. I would like to republish some of this old content and having two sites seems to be the best option for this.

My main website remains here

OwnCloud V NextCloud

Many readers will know that in the past I have been a massive fan of OwnCloud. It is a self hosted file sharing and storage solution that works well and at one point was eating Dropbox for breakfast in terms of interface, extensibility and security.

Last year things changed a little bit. You see the product morphed into two taking some of the brains behind Owncloud with it to another generation called NextCloud. I won’t go into the details but from what I have read about it this action seems to me to have been acrimonious to say the least.

I offer both products within my Virtual Office product line. So where do I sit exactly?

Well Owncloud does seem to have stagnated somewhat and I do think it is now a stable product. However, I have not seen any updates in a while and with the way that hosted solutions need to be kept up to date it is a small concern of mine.

Next cloud on the other hand seems to be updating and improving reasonably regularly and is also adding lots of nice functionality as it goes. In time it could become a defacto choice for the Virtual Office!

But, back to updating both products have had a history of some flaky update packages which have required some administration time to fix in the past. Indeed I had some issues the other week with some Nextcloud updates for clients of my Virtual Office product. This does need to change and quite rapidly in my opinion. I am pleased to note that all of my clients were happy with the update process I adopted and a lack of downtime for them.

The way the hosted cloud solution markets’ customer expectation is changing flaky updates need to become a thing of the past quite rapidly.

I have warmed to Nextcloud and whilst I have an active demo of Owncloud for customers. Nextcloud is now my day to day tool. I look forward to seeing the product develop further and I do also that hope Owncloud doesn’t fall into the abyss as it does not deserve to.

So we have a winner in Nextcloud. 🙂

For more information on my Virtual Office product please click here.

Moorfields Eye Hospital – At last the NHS comes good

Following my rant the other day about the unacceptable levels of service I received at the hands of the NHS earlier this week. I feel compelled to write about my experience with Moorfields Eye Hospital in London yesterday. After being recommeded by several people to visit them regarding pain and discomfort in my eye I rocked up to their A & E department at lunchtime yesterday. NO queue to speak to the first nurse. Brownie points. This part of triage was thorough and it was explained that there may be a three hour wait maximum. I sat down as close to the reception desk as I could. Was called forward to register my details three minutes later. Staff were milling about and really actually doing some work! No gossiping here. 20 minutes later I am called through and seen by two nurses and then a doctor. These people knew exactly what they were doing, no mucking about, no rubbish, just a number of full and through checks on my eyes and a full explanation of what they were doing and why. They located the issue explained what it was and then cleaned my eyes up. All the time being careful and explanatory and looking after me. I left there at 2pm full of confidence that my eye all though still hurting a bit had been seen and sorted out by proper proffesionals who know what they are doing. St Georges Hospital in Tooting, please do take note because the service at Moorfields is the complete opposite to that of your “operation”. My opinion of the failing state of the NHS has not changed, however it can be clearly seen from my experience yesterday that there are small pockets of the organisation that care about professionalism and taking the very best care of the patients they look after.  

An NHS rant

So I have had problems with pain and discomfort in my eyes today. So what did I do? I phoned my doctor for an appointment, The wonderful people at The Pepys Road Surgery told me I was not registered even though I walked in there and registered three weeks ago! They then proceeded to blame this on computer error! I told them the symptoms and they suggested going to tooting walk in centre. 20 mins later I found myself here. This facility closed on 10 June 2012! You now have to go to St Georges Accident and Emergency. Ok its only across the road. The Queue was so large people were queuing outside the door and next to people being taken from ambulances! As I was in the queue the bloke in front of me collapsed and I nearly ended up taking quite a fall! 40 mins after this I finally get booked in at reception. I am then informed of a wait of unto three hours! In the time I am waiting 3 receptionists are having a gossip and not registering patients and two doctors and a nurse are having a natter about what they watched on telly last night! In my opinion this is unacceptable. But it gets worse. After an hour or so wait after being booked in I am called in and after telling them the symptoms which have been getting steadily worse. They tell me to go to my GP. I explain it to them again, that the GP sent me to them. At the time of writing I can now only half see out of one of my eyes. The other eye does seem ok at the moment. They keep telling us that the NHS meets its targets but basic healthcare services which we pay taxes for are not alive and well and kicking in fact they are failing!